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About Self-Assessment Tools

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Energy Self Assessment web site is a suite of tools to aid farmers and others in finding ways to reduce energy consumption or produce renewable energy for various agricultural enterprises. The tools are intended to provide awareness of equipment and methods that can reduce energy usage as well as estimate the cost savings impact of installing equipment in their operation. Dairy, grain drying, irrigation, potato storage, greenhouses, lighting, livestock, water fountains and ventilation are areas that tools are provided for energy conservation. Renewable Energy tools are provided for solar water heating, solar electric (photovoltaic), wind turbines, biomass and biogas. Each tool evaluates options based on user supplied inputs and provides energy and cost estimates based on energy conserving equipment or renewable energy production equipment.

The results generated by these tools are estimates based on mathematical models that illustrate the magnitude of savings possible. They are not intended to provide precise values but will provide estimates based on the input for your particular farm. Actual results of installing energy saving equipment may vary depending on local circumstances.

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