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Wind Energy Assessment Tool

This tool will provide three outputs based on three different inputs (you must enter a value for at least one of these, but you can enter several at the same time):
  1. The energy produced from a particular size turbine
  2. The wind turbine size (kW) needed to produce a desired amount of energy
  3. The energy production and turbine size (kW) based on the amount of money you are willing to invest.

There are many factors that affect energy production from wind turbines that this tool can not take into account. The tool is intended to provide a ballpark estimate of the energy production, turbine cost and possible financial incentives. If you decide to pursue consideration of a wind turbine further, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional wind site assessor to visit your site and do a further evaluation which may include the installation of a wind monitoring tower.

Will the wind turbined be owned by a business or residence?
Pick desired turbine size kW
How much money are you willing to invest? ($21,000 minimum) $
How much energy would you like to produce annually? kWh
What is your electric rate?
  (Small wind turbines may qualify for net metering rates.)
Select a different state if the turbine site is not located at the zip code entered for this tool
Click on one of the links to view the wind map
What is the wind speed at your location (at height of turbine)
What is the height above the ground for the wind map used?
(If height is not stated use 30m)
What types of terrain surrounds the proposed turbine site?