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Irrigation Energy Self Assessment

The Irrigation Energy Self Assessment Tool will help identify potential ways to reduce your energy usage with any of the major types of irrigation systems: center-pivot, linear-move, hand-move, solid-set, side-roll, furrow, flood, and drip/trickle.

For most irrigation systems, energy is used to lift the water from a well or reservoir. The water is then pressurized to overcome friction losses in pipes and to provide a boost to “throw” the water so it can be spread evenly on the soil by sprinkler irrigation systems. Energy use can be lowered by reducing system pressure on some types of irrigation systems and ensuring the pump is working as efficiently as possible.

The tool will ask you for information about your irrigation system and then estimate potential energy savings from reducing system pressure, if applicable, increasing pumping efficiency, and the potential savings from better irrigation management by using irrigation scheduling. The tool will also consider if switching fuel could reduce irrigation cost.